FiltersSuspendedSubstrateSuspended Substrate FilterSuspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) technology is printed circuit technology that can be used for both broadband and narrowband filters in highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop and multiplexer form.

Combline CopyCombline Intergrated FilterCombline filters, also referred to as cavity filters, are narrowband and used in applications where closely spaced signals need to be separated.

A high Q structure is very important for narrowband applications, particularly when high powers are involved. Low passband, low VSWR and high attenuation are important features of Teledyne Defence & Space machined filters. Teledyne Defence & Space has also investigated the intermodulation performance of high power filter applications and devised special designs to meet these requirements.


FiltersLumpedElementLumped Element FiltersOffering small size with great performance at lower frequencies.