Teledyne Defence & Space Multi-Channel High Performance Receivers provide important advantages for ESM / ELINT applications, incorporating patented features offering wide band synthesised capability from 500MHz to 18GHz, with frequency extensions available up to 40GHz.

The Teledyne Defence & Space product line of high sensitivity receivers offers 1-6 phase- and amplitude-matched channels with multiple IF outputs.


  • Full band coverage (options up to >40GHz)
  • Fast tuning speed
  • Integrated front end adaptive filtering
  • High spurious free dynamic range
  • Low colouration
  • Simultaneous ELINT & ESM operation
  • Frequency selective RF protection
  • Compact, expandable architecture mounted in a ¾ ATR or 1 ATR chassis or 19” rack mount variant
  • Low power consumption


The modular architecture of the receiver allows it to be configured for multiple channels with phase- and amplitude-matched performance across all channels.