DR063 1 DigitisingReceiverDR063-1 Digitising Receiver

The full range of our Digitizing Receivers line builds on the strong tradition of Teledyne Defence & Space’s (TDS) broad range of Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs) and Sequential Detector Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVAs).



Teledyne Defence’s Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) module, also known as a Digital Frequency Discriminator (DFD), offer high speed frequency measurement across multi-octave frequency range.





ActivityProtectionUnitFrequency Activity Detector (FAD)Many advanced EW receivers, particularly those associated with ECM jamming systems, do not require the high resolution frequency information associated with a DFD or IFM based receiver. This is typically the case where a single pulse present within a broad frequency band is required to be detected and instantaneously down-converted to an IF band.