synthesiser2Custom SynthesiserTeledyne Defence & Space (TDS) have designed a number of unique Synthesisers and LO generators, primarily for specific customer requirements, that are capable of working in the most extreme environments, including high vibration military applications.

A clear example of TDS’s source capability is the RA062-F2, which is a standard off-the-shelf multiple LO module used to generate three pairs of LO signals.

The latest DDS & PLL’s are used to offer the very best performance with high resolution over the frequency range 7.5 to 23GHz, in addition to other fixed frequency outputs. With internal BITE this versatile design is easily customizable to meet custom frequency plans and unique requirements.


RA062 SynthesiserRA062-F2 Synthesiser

  • Excellent pedigree for designing custom fixed and tunable sources
  • Custom & Standard products available
  • Heavy use of the latest high frequency digital technology
  • Compact VME based designs



  • Military narrowband EW Receivers
  • Direction Finding (DF)
  • Receiver Systems Test LO sources